What is Pooling?

In the context of Decentraland, multiple LAND parcels can be combined into ESTATE acting as a single structure using which the multiple parcels can be operated on, such as transferring, selling and building on top of. The prerequisite is for the LAND parcels to be adjacent to each other.

If two or more properties are next to each other (adjacent), owners/operators/renters can deploy scenes taking all the space that is adjacent. This enables bigger experiences to be developed.

Support for Pooling

The protocol supports the pooling of land/estate. Renters are be able to rent land/estate from multiple lenders and if they are adjacent to each other, they will be able to deploy scenes to all of them as if they were one property rented from a single lender. For the lenders, there won't be any difference, whether the renter is renting other properties and pooling them with other properties adjacent to theirs.

The feature boosts the network effect of the protocol. The more properties there are available, the bigger the chance of being able to pool properties together, thus providing a better service for renters.

In the LandWorks App, you will be able to see available adjacent properties for a given property in the Property Details view in the Pooling section.

Owned + Rented Pooling

There is the use-case where a user can rent property from the protocol which is adjacent to LAND/ESTATE that he already owns. Renting an adjacent property will enable him to build on all of the properties -> the ones that he owns + the ones he rented.

This functionality enables landowners that want to build bigger experiences to rent land adjacent to theirs and be able to do so without the need for them to buy the adjacent property.

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