LandWorks NFTs


ERC721 token (NFT) is being issued to the depositor (referred to as LandWorks NFT) once a given land is listed in the protocol. The NFT holds information of the metaverse (e.g Decentraland), its registry (e.g LAND/ESTATE), tokenID of the original asset being deposited as-well-as other LandWorks related data. See ERC721 section for detailed information.

LandWorks NFTs implement the ERC721 Consumable Extension allowing them to be "delegated" to other protocols such as the Yield Farming program.


The following permissions are granted to addresses that are LandWorks NFT owners (holders), approved addresses or configured erc721 operators:

  1. Updating Lending Conditions

  2. Collecting Rent

  3. Delisting/Withdrawing


You will not be able to unlock/recover the originally deposited land if you do not own or you are the approved address of the LandWorks NFT.

Automatic Collection of Rent

Every time the NFT is being transferred from one address to another, the accrued and non-collected rent is being claimed and sent to the owner of the NFT (prior to the transfer). This design enables you to list your NFT for sale at marketplaces such as OpenSea and any accrued rent during the sale period will be collected and sent to you prior to the sale.

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