LandWorks has an owner, who has the following privileged actions:

  • Upgrade the contract.

  • Transfer ownership.

  • Renounce ownership.

  • Switch the base URI for LandWorks ERC-721.

  • Add/Remove a given protocol token payment.

  • Change the protocol fee percentage for a given protocol token payment to an arbitrary value between 0-100%.

  • Add Metaverses to LandWorks.

  • Change the Metaverse name of a given Metaverse ID in LandWorks.

  • Add/Remove Metaverse registries.

  • Change the consumable adapter of a given Metaverse registry.

  • Change the administrative consumer of a Metaverse registry.

  • Change the administrative operator for Decentraland registries in LandWorks.

  • Receives all protocol fees.

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