Source: DecentralandFacet.sol


Rent Decentraland

function rentDecentraland(
        uint256 _assetId,
        uint256 _period,
        address _operator
    ) external payable

Rents Decentraland Estate/LAND. Charges msg.sender for the rent upfront. Rent starts from the last rented timestamp or from the current timestamp of the transaction if the property is available right now.


Update State

function updateState(uint256 _assetId, uint256 _rentId) public

Updates the corresponding Estate/LAND operator from the given rent. When the rent becomes active (the current block.timestamp is between the rent's start and end), this function should be executed to set the provided rent operator to the Estate/LAND scene operator.


Update Operator

 function updateOperator(
        uint256 _assetId,
        uint256 _rentId,
        address _newOperator
    ) external

Updates the operator for the given rent of an asset.


Get Operator

function operatorFor(uint256 _assetId, uint256 _rentId) external

Gets the operator of the rent for the specified _assetId


Update Administrative State

function updateAdministrativeState(uint256 _assetId) external

Updates the corresponding Estate/LAND operator with the administrative operator.


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