📤Delisting & Withdrawing Properties

Users that own LandWorks NFT are to withdraw the land from the marketplace. Once executed, the transaction:

  • Pays out the accumulated rent to the LandWorks NFT owner

  • Transfers and burns the LandWorks NFT

  • Transfers the original Land/Estate NFT to the LandWorks NFT owner

The protocol does not track which address provided the land. The address that added the land can be different from the address that removes the land from the protocol. The LandWorks NFT represents the right to remove the land, update the lending conditions and claim the rent fees.

The land can be removed from the protocol only if it does not have a ruler. If the land has a ruler, triggering the remove land method "takes the land off the market" (delisted status) and enters it in a state of "for withdrawal". Scheduled rents will be honoured, but no new rents will be accepted.

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