Smart Contracts Overview

The protocol is based on the EIP-2535 Diamond design pattern. The following benefits are captured due to this decision:
  • Be able to do fine-grained upgrades through the DAO
  • Being able to resolve security vulnerabilities
  • Being able to extend the functionality and develop the protocol incrementally
  • Being able to remove the upgradeability of the contracts once the protocol matures
Overview of the Protocol
The LandWorks Diamond
It is the base of the diamond storing the data for the different facets. This is the point of entry and the "official" external address that is used to interact with the protocol.
The Marketplace faucet provides the base functionality of the protocol. It is responsible for adding, removing and updating lands. Lenders are able to claim their rents through this faucet.
Metaverse Specific Faucets
There are 2 categories of faucets and contracts in the protocol - Core and Metaverse Specific. Core components are generic, foundational and used in the context of any metaverse. The logic that is specific to a given metaverse is extracted to its own faucet.
The faucet implements the ERC721 standard. Once land is listed in the marketplace, the protocol mints an NFT to the lender representing his position.