• lender -> Owners of metaverse land that deposited it to the protocol for renting.
  • renter -> Users paying for the usage of land for a period of time. Potential users are developers of metaverse games, brands and agencies that want to organise events.
  • operator -> The Externally Owned Account (EOA) authorised to install scenes on LANDs/ESTATEs
  • ruler -> renters are rulers if
    startTimestamp<=currentTimestamp<endTimestampstartTimestamp <= currentTimestamp < endTimestamp
    where startTimeStamp & endTimestamp are the start and end timestamp during which the rented paid to rent the land and currentTimestamp is the current block.timestamp during which the call is being made.
  • service providers -> Scene creators offering design services, renting and running scenes for their clients
  • LandWorks NFT -> NFT token minted upon property listing in LandWorks
  • consumer -> The consumer role specified as in the ERC721 Consumable Extension