The contract has Ownable functionality, therefore the owner has the following privileged actions:

  • Appoint a new owner using transferOwnership(), which includes the ability to renounce ownership.

  • Add, replace or remove functionality inside LandWorks, by calling diamondCut()

  • Change the ERC-721 baseURI, by calling setBaseURI()

  • Add/Remove protocol payment token, by calling setTokenPayment()

  • Change the protocol fee percentage for a protocol payment token to an arbitrary value between 0-100%, by calling setFee()

  • Add existing Metaverses, by calling addMetaverseWithAdapters(), addMetaverse() or addMetaverseWithoutAdapters()

  • Change the Metaverse name of a given Metaverse ID, by calling setMetaverseName()

  • Add/Remove Metaverse registries, by calling setRegistry()

  • Change the consumable adapter of a Metaverse registry, by calling setConsumableAdapter()

  • Change the administrative consumer of a Metaverse registry, by calling setAdministrativeConsumerFor()

  • Change the administrative operator for Decentraland registries in LandWorks, by calling updateAdministrativeOperator()

  • Receives all protocol fees, by calling claimProtocolFee() or claimProtocolFees().

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