What is LandWorks?

Disclaimer: Please note that the LandWorks protocol is in a beta version. Use the protocol at your own risk.


LandWorks is a metaverse land renting marketplace based on Ethereum and it is part of the portfolio of products developed and maintained by the EnterDAO community. It enables renting of land in Web3 metaverse games.

The protocol enables period-based renting of land in the metaverses. The protocol supports Decentraland as a primer and then gradually it will expand to support the rest of the prominent metaverses. It enables landowners to earn passive income on their assets, while renters looking to leverage metaverses will be able to easily rent instead of buying the land properties.


The protocol is governed by EnterDAO. Governance operations such as changing the rent protocol fee, upgrading the protocol contracts, adding support for new metaverses or introducing new features in the protocol, will be executed and applied by EnterDAO after a governance poll passes.

Technical Reference: Dive a little deeper

Learn the fundamentals of LandWorks to get a deeper understanding of the main features:

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